Manual installation

This article will show you how to manually install the product on Windows. First download the MSI from the URL and launch it as administrator.


SQLServer must be installed on your machine.

Install all the required softwares

All the required softwares described in the previous part Mandatories steps are installed on your machine except Kibana, Elastic Search and SQLServer.

The softwares that will be installed are :

  1. Redis version 3.2.100
  2. DotNetCore Runtime version 1.0.1
  3. DotNetCore SDK version 1.0.0.preview2-003133
  4. NodeJs version 4.6.0
  5. MongoDb version 3.2.10

When the installation is completed then the MSI product is launched.

Install the product

The MSI is made of six screens :

  1. The classical Welcome window
  2. An end-user license agreement
  3. Four screens where the connection strings need to be specified. In each of them there is a test connection button. Fill-in the fields (server, credentials and catalog) and test the connection by clicking on the button. If it successes then the Next button is enabled otherwise an error message is displayed.


At the moment only SqlServer is supported by the Installer. However the appsettings.json files can be updated to use other database engines such as PostGre or SqlLite. For more information you can contact-us or refer to the technical documentation.

The four connection strings are :

  1. SimpleIdentityServer : it contains all the assets of the SimpleIdentityServer OpenId provider.
  2. Uma database : it contains all the assets of the UMA server.
  3. Configuration database : it contains some settings (expiration time ...) and the external authentication providers.
  4. Identity server database : it contains all the assets of the IdentityServer OpenId provider.

The next part consists to install Elastic Search and Kibana on your machine, refer to the chapter Install Kibana.

When everything is installed jump to the next section Getting started