Install the certificateΒΆ

The certificate LokitCA.cer must be added to your certificate store Local Computer Trusted CA.

  1. Execute the mmc.exe tool
  2. Click on the menu item File Add Remove snap in ...
  3. Below the available snap-ins select the certificates item and click on the add button
  4. In the new window named certificates snap-in select the option computer account and click on next and finish
  5. In the tree view located in the left panel, select the node Console Root > Certificates (Local Computer) > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates
  6. Click on more actions > all tasks > import ...
  7. In the new window named certificate import wizard select the certificate which has been downloaded and click on Next, Next and Finish


If you don’t have a valid certificate installed on your machine then the website will not work and an error NOT TRUSTED CERTIFICATE will be displayed in your console. However it’s still possible to work without it and to do that the certificate validation must be disabled in your favorite browser. It’s a very dangerous step then don’t leave the certificate validation disabled too long ! Refer to the documentation below :