The schema below shows the interactions between components


On a total of 13 there are : 6 APIs, one visual studio extension, one website and 5 databases :

  • Manager API : used by the clients to execute CRUD operations on OPENID assets for examples : clients or resource owners.
  • OpenId providers : you can choose between our provider (SimpleIdentityServer) or IdentityServer4. They both respect the OPENID RFC. For more information you can read the benchmark.
  • UMA : Implementation of the User-Managed Access (UMA) profile.
  • Configuration API : used by the clients to manage the OpenId configuration for examples : enable or disable external identity providers.
  • WebSite API : An abstract layer which assigns URIs to resources.
  • WebSite : used by an administrator to manage resource access.
  • Visual Studio Extension : used by a .NET developer to easily interact with the different components in code.